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Is poetry study necessary for SAT or college?

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I'm following a condensed (2-year) version of a Great Books study next year when my DS begins 9th grade. We'll be covering many of the classics from Ancients to Modern, but I wasn't planning on doing an in-depth study of any poetry. He likes to read a little bit of poetry, but not much. And honestly, I don't see much value in studying it.


But I'm worried he might need some poetry analysis experience for the SAT or similar tests. Will poetry analysis (in any form) be covered on these type of tests?


In 11th grade, he plans to take AP Lang. & Comp., and in 12th grade take AP Lit. & Comp. Will either of these AP courses include poetry study? If so, is that enough to satisfy any college requirements? (I'm guessing if he learns poetry analysis in 11th/12th grade, it will be too late for the SAT or similar tests.)

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