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Any ideas for finding international sticker sets? or scrapbook pages?


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We are reading Hillyer's Child's Geography of the World. My two girls are making scrapbook pages for each country we study. I found several at our local scrapbooking stores, but I am having trouble finding ones for such countries as Belgium, The Netherlands, and Spain. Any ideas for online sites or somewhere else to find the 'small / less visited' countries?

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I used to be a Creative Memories consultant, and I know that at times they had various sticker sets for different parts of the world - I think they had some for Spain, not sure about the others. But you might check to see if you can find a consultant in your area and look at a catalog of their current sticker sets. Other than that, here are a few sites that you can order stickers of the flags from different countries. Good luck!



flag stickers site

more flag stickers

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When we did countries around the world for co-op, I ended up just making my own flag stickers for the kids little passports. I used graphics from this site: http://www.worldatlas.com/clipart.htm, saved them to my desktop, opened them into word and used Avery labels. They're probably not acid-free if that's important to you, but they sure came out great. And, they had every country I needed.

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It may be more than you want to spend, but the resource "My World and Globe" has nice stickers that come with it. It's basically a set of a book, inflatable globe, and stickers to use on the globe--though there are way too many to fit them all! They aren't stickers of countries, per se, but lots of landmarks, cities, animals and other geographical points of interest that might be fun to include in your book.


We used it K year when we did a world geography survey with my older son, and I bought another to use next year (K) with younger ds--a new one so we'd have a new set of stickers! The little book is nice as well, we used it to cover basic geographical concepts.


Square picture stickers:

Buffalo (the animal), Alligator, Gorilla, Sloth, Kangaroo, Zebra, Toucan, Penguin, Kremlin, Cars, Oil, Bananas, Coffee, Eiffel Tower, Rice, Tea, Pineapple, Wheat, Sears Tower, Tiger, Monkey, Reindeer, Walrus, Blue-Footed Booby, Panda, Camel, Cheetah, Llama, Elephant, Stonehenge, Great Pyramids, Desert (2), Volcano (2), Rain Forest, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, Machu Picchu, Great Wall of China, Tundra, Glacier, Redwood Forest, Mt. Everest, North Pole, Hawaii, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Grand Canyon, Mt. McKinley, South Pole, Mt. Fuji, Great Barrier Reef, Victoria Falls, Magellan, Columbus, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Day, Night, Hot, Cold


Then there are some Label-type word stickers with arrows:

Greenland, Sumatra, Madagascar, Tierra Del Fuego, Chicago, London, New Zealand, Beijing, Shanghai, Washington DC, Sydney, Ottawa, Lagos, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Panama Canal, Hong Kong, Cairo, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Santiago, Bombay, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Havana, Suez Canal, Amazon River, Mississippi River, Alps, Andes Mtns, Nile River, Rocky Mtns, Yangtze River


And some write-on stickers like:

"I want to go here" "(blank) lives here" "I LIVE HERE" "I've been here", etc.




Amazon doesn't seem to have it anymore--I think I got mine cheap at a Scholastic sale last year? We also used the animal sticker atlas and the flag atlas. Can you tell I like stickers??

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