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If you're interested in exploring the topic of clean water, there are what look like interesting experiments available here.


They did have a summer science kit giveaway going, but it looks like they have run out. If you click on the Activity Kit link you can see a list of materials for all of the downloadable experiments.

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Also, you might try checking with your local 4-H extension office to see if they have any leftover kits from the 2010 4-H National Youth Science Experiment. It was one clean water this year. We did a huge presentation on this with 37 kids from out county, performed the experiment, and then went even further and bought testing kits and collected samples from two area lakes and three rivers so that the kids could see fertilizer run-off, etc.


I did a mini-lecture, before we began, on the Cuyahoga River (late 1960's) and the death of Lake Erie due to pollution. The kids were completely fascinated by "the burning river". It was an excellent object lesson. Pics and what not were easy to find by googling.


It makes a fine, end of year, major science project.


The 4-H National kits were nice. If you can find one, I highly recommend them.



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