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Long Division ?


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When we started it, I used base 10 blocks to show the place value and after doing the division with the blocks, I showed the algorithm. We did the blocks for a problem, then the writing. After a few days (yup), my son preferred the algorithm :)


So for 892 / 3, you'd first divide the hundreds by 3 (show with blocks).

We get 2 hundreds and have 2 hundreds left over.

So we break the left over hundreds into tens.

We have 29 tens.

Dividing them by 3, we have 9 tens with 2 left over.

We break those into ones.

We have 22 ones.

Dividing them by 3, we have 7 ones and 1 left over.


Thus, 892 / 3 is 297 1/3.


Showing with the blocks first really helped make the concept clearer.

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