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Fourth language? Drop one? Something


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My DD is a "languagy" kid. She loves languages, loves the structure, loves grammar, and draws connections easily. She was an early reader, and an early talker. As a preschooler. she'd bring home the "100 first words in X" books from the library, sit, and read them. She learned, and still uses, quite a bit of ASL vocabulary from Signing time.


We started Spanish pretty early, and while she's not bilingual, she's reasonably competent in it with children her age. We do some Spanish reading, Spanish for Children for Grammar, and some of her other subjects partially in Spanish. We started Latin about a year ago at her request, which she loves and has done well with, and when she finished SSL, she wanted to do SSG, so has done Code cracker, SSG, and Biblical Greek 4 kids. We have "Hey, Andrew" book 2 on the shelf to start once we get into the hot part of summer (we're reviewing and playing now, mostly with modern Greek vocabulary cards to practice decoding skills).


Well, it's just come through our homeschool group that there is an option of Mandarin classes for the fall, through the local university. Cost is reasonable-it's a grant funded program, so really the only cost we have is having a place for their teacher to come in. And I suspect DD would love it. Every time she sees ideograms, she's enthralled by them, and she gets a few new words from her favorite waitress at a local restaurant whenever we're there (although I'm pretty sure those are in Cantonese). She loves Asian mythology and art-we have a nice museum of Asian art here, and since I did some of their educational materials, I have a lot of resources that she's been able to read and enjoy that relate to the art works and the stories behind them. And, she's a dragon nut, which doesn't hurt.


So I KNOW DD would love this-but mommy is already feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with three languages (plus English grammar-and with a grammar-nut kid, there's times Latin feels easier!). I'm not sure I can manage adding another one-especially since this would be another language, like Greek, where I have NO background, unlike Spanish and Latin. And Greek has enough cognates with languages that I know that once I decode the words, I don't feel totally lost-Mandarin really doesn't. We could drop a language, I guess-but DD is enjoying them enough that I hate to tell her she'd have to give one up-languages really are her favorite part of school.


So, what do you think? Am I insane even to consider it? I haven't let DD know that it's an option-but as soon as the class starts, it's probably going to be impossible to hide it from her, since it will be listed with the other homeschool group offerings, she'll have friends doing it, and so on.

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How much work will you have during the week for Mandarin? You might consider doing Greek & Latin memory daily, but only doing a lesson in each every other day (alternating). Perhaps that would free up enough of your time. If you are doing other subjects in Spanish I think that's far more valuable than SfC. I'd drop SfC and just do Spanish by immersion (or maybe do SfC alternating with Greek).

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