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What does your school supply list consist of?

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Other than curriculum what do you purchase? I will have a 5th and 7th grader next year.


I know I will need

good markers x2 (what kind do you buy?)

good pencils

pencil sharpener (what is your favorite?)

copy paper


ruler x2

glue sticks

3" 3-ring binder for all school work x2

divider for binder x 2

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For 6th grade:


7-8 9 x 12 drawing pads (for Main Lesson books)


cartridges for fountain pen

regular pencils and pens

white erasers

Stockmar watercolor paint


For 11th:

printer paper

printer cartridge




white erasers


We will have leftover or reusable:


Lyra pencils, binders, rulers, protractors, calculator, fountain pens, pencil sharpener, laptop, watercolor paper

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I just found Ticonderogas (ds8's favorite pencils) on sale at Wally world... $3 for 25 pencils and whiteboard markers (15 markers) marked down to $5. I don't know why, but we go through those markers fast! I splurged 2 years ago on an electric X-acto sharpener. I think it was like $25 but we love it. It will sharpen any pencil... fat ones, super skinny ones etc.


Some people are curriculum junkies... I am a school supply junkie! I'm always on the prowl for a good deal, or not even a good deal, just to have some new "stuff"!

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Paper, binders if we need them, pocket folders w/brads, German pencils, markers, crayons (like Lyra, Stockmar, Ferby), glue sticks, spiral bound notebooks, blank artist notebooks, construction paper, printer paper, ink from Encoreink.com, mechanical pencils or leads/erasers, stickers, googly eyes...

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each kid is getting a Desk Apprentice(dd already has her's, need to get ds his)


I buy notebook paper when it's $0.10each(I buy about 50 or so)


This year we will be buying mechanical pencils, I'm sick of sharpening them :001_smile:


Not sure what else we need, I will have to look and see :001_smile:

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Probably NEED nothing.....


I stocked up on paper when it was 2.5 cents at WM in CA before we moved. Same for notebooks - they were 5 cents. I have glue and glue sticks and pencils...... (Staples had Tichronderoga pencils on their 10 cent sale one day - it was a mistake, but hey, i bought what they had left!).


I think i need some art paper and such, but overall, i'm in good shape! (which stinks, because i love buying them)

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I pretty well stocked on paper and pencils for next fall. A few of the things on my list are



  • colored pencils
  • sketch pads for ds and I
  • card stock to make timeline notebook
  • The BIGGIE is I'm buying a inexpensive binding machine. My ds hates using 3 ring binders.

Here's the one I plan on purchasing.



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I LOOOOOOVE school supplies, so the word "need" might not apply.


I go through quite a few of the sticky tabs or flags, used to bookmark things.

I love the clear plastic dividers with the pockets. (They are more spendy, but the organize things so nicely)

I need a few new large white binders (I often find these at garage sales)


My son seems to share my addiction to good pens and mechanical pencils, so mine seem to disappear faster than I can buy them. (Somewhere in our house is a major mechanical pencil party)

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