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MFW users- science and more questions....


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I have chosen MFW for next year for my 3 who are at home. (My autistic son goes to ps where he is in a great program.)


My main questions at this point are surrounding my DS who will be nine this summer and should be entering fourth grade.


I have spoken to MFW staff about where to place him and ended up settling on ECC. We are just finishing a year (and a half) of Creation to Greeks or thereabouts (using Ambleside), so he will get a re-run soon OR I will skip that year and go to RtoR after ECC. I am keeping an eye to the order of MFW some since I have my youngest beginning K this year. I am hoping in 2 years when she is ready to join him it will not be too difficult for her.


For a little background on him, he has been a challenge. He is on the spectrum also and has had extreme focus ADD issues. Literally I wish with all my heart I had waited to even begin school until last year. Up until then it seemed like he would never read or do sums. I fretted after my over-achieving oldest DD. It literally took us until last year (so two years) to get him reading. He gets stronger each day and this year has made up a lot of time, but still is behind grade level. Last year it was Math issues. He could not seem to memorize basic addition and subtraction and each time he saw them it was like it was the first time. Totally scary! This year he is zooming through Math and again has made up a lot of ground. I believe by years end he will only be a year behind textbook wise.


This DS is a science head. That is his love and up until now we do spend a fair amount of time on it, just nothing textbook wise. We have used Usborne books as spines, supplementing with appropriate texts and experiments. I do feel he has a lot of potential in this area and wondered if anyone ever goes another route or adds to MFW science in these younger years?


I want to really work on being intentional with science with him and the ECC year science just does not feel like enough. I know I could add Apologia, but I was not even sure if that would be enough. I want him to be grounded in Chemistry and Physics before middle school as well. I appreciate any of your suggestions here. You all are always so helpful. I have looked at REAL science, NOEO, one of Sonlight's sciences. Which one makes my head spin.


I appreciate your comments as always. Also anyone with children who were behind and have comments about "catching up" or some encouragement there- please comment or PM me.


Thank you all!

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I have added our own science to MFW. This year I used CHH with my boys and their recommended science. Next year we are doing CtG in MFW and will be doing biology all year using Elemental Science for my oldest and my youngest will follow the same, but at his level. I did use MFW to find book recommendations and project that went with what we were doing on our other program. I didn't feel like MFW was enough science for us. In CtG will will use their Pyramids and Archimedes and the Door of Science when it comes, but will continue with our biology. Those science lesson sounded like a lot of fun for my boys! In my opinion the science of MFW looks good and fun for the kids, so I would think it would work great for you, but just add more stuff when there is interest. MFW has great book recommendations to go along with their science.

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To me, folks who want more science in ECC just aren't looking :)


- Properties of Ecosystems can be used by up to 8th graders.

- Nature walks each week can be a complete science, if you delve into it.

- Many plants are grown throughout the year, and those can be journaled and experimented with or compared or graphed.

- Weekly experiments in the ECC guide apply well to the biomes being studied.

- Book basket selections expand on these biome topics and often have more experiments in them.

- The usborne book can be journaled, as far as what's learned about animals unique to each biome etc. (done more in 1st edition ECC but could be added to in 2nd ed.). I know researching/reporting more about unique animals might have been something my oldest asked his public school teacher if he could do :)

- Each biome is mapped as far as where all the rainforests are in the world, all the deserts, etc. Some kids may want to research and label more than others.

- Some topics that are more in the "geography" part of the grid are actually good science topics to expand on in book basket, such as ocean currents.



Every single possibility may not be laid out for you, but most truly science-minded kids will be doing more of his own investigation rather than asking for another program, I think. There's a lot of meat there.


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