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Who's following the Final Four??

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Butler!!!!! Happy for my family in Indiana. . . . my cousin (Butler alum) is probably losing it right now :)


We're ready for the UConn-KY game. I'll be streaming it on my little MacBook, dh is SO sad he's not home tonight (he's playing a gig) to watch.


How I'd LOVE a Butler-UConn final!!!!

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Me. But I'm sad that VCU lost. :(



Ooooh. . . . . sorry about that, Cindy :blushing:


You have to hand it to VCU - they played a great game, and I'm so impressed that they played extra games to even get into the tourney.


And then there's the UConn women. . . . :001_wub:

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Yes, somewhat. At my house, we all fill out a bracket and see who gets the most right. I didn't do mine before the first games started so they guys said I would have an unfair advantage. Ha, ha - like I have a clue. Anyway, I said "UConn" is my pick to win it all which was followed by snarky comments of "good luck with that." Well, look who is laughing now!! That is all I have to say!

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We have been enjoying the tournament. Lots of upsets and close games which makes things more exciting IMO. VCU did amazing in the tourney and so did Butler. Can't believe they both made it so far. Wonder if we will see a UConn/Butler final. Maybe Butler will take it all this year? It will be fun to watch and find out.

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Oh my that was sooooooo close.


Yeah, that was some crazy stuff at the end.


My hubby is going to be SOOOO bummed he missed it. And he's got a Boy Scout meeting on Monday night, and I've got a rehearsal!!! :glare:


Think I might call in sick. . . . . . . . .

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