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Weaver & Unit Studies in general...?

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Hi there,


I am contemplating using Weaver for my Grade 1 level child.


I am using Weaver Interlock at the moment and I find it really great BUT I am wondering whether my child is actually retaining any of the information.


I am using CLE for Language Arts - my daughter seems to remember things from this from day to day.


Yet for our Bible, character and Weaver Interlock stuff she just can't seem to recall barely anything?


Is it that Unit studies are more fun and all over the place so that kids may not be able to retain as much knowledge as if it was all in order?


I just wondered what other people's experiences are with unit studies and maybe some tips on how to teach her so that she recalls it better.




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My kids have loved unit studies and have always had great retention from our studies.


I have used half of Weaver vol one.


I thought it was very full and had lots of great ideas but it was a lot of work pulling it altogether. I personally wouldn't use it just for one child. I think it would be great to use for multiple kids to keep them all on the same topic.


I also haven't used Interlock but it looks a lot more user friendly than the later volumes.


Have you seen "Five in a Row"? We loved that and it would be perfect for a first grader. You need to have access to the pictures books to use the curriculum. We borrowed them but lots of people buy them.


(Here's the books the volumes use)


We also like Heart of Dakota. I would think that Little hearts for His Glory would suit your first grader although I haven't used that one yet.


There is a very helpful forum where you could ask more questions



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We love unit studies in our house. I've never used Weaver, but I wanted to jump in and encourage you to press on and continue to notice what works for your dc. Perhaps, you can incorporate the strong points of CLE into some of your other lessons. Perhaps you're doing too much and it is jumbling in dcs mind? Sometimes Unit Studies can do that. Some dc need focused "subjects" in order to process.


Anyhoo...just saying we love unit studies!

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Thank you,


I was thinking alot last night about what we are doing. I think we are doing too much. I will focus on one bible story for our character of the week. I think reading the Bible, then doing character (with another bunch of information and another bible story) is getting her confused.


I think that sticking with the same bible story each day for a week will work better for us. That way the character trait will be better remembered by her.


I use the Weaver interlock for social studies and science. She seems to be recalling this stuff...it is very repetitive and so this is working. I have just downloaded the sample fo Weaver Volume 1 so I will check that out.


I enjoy using CLE for the language arts, but am looking for more living books for social sciences.


Thanks heaps!

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We are also big Unit Studies fans here. They do retain a LOT and they see a relationship between things that they normally wouldn't see. I've toyed with the idea of doing Konos during the summer. I'm very tempted.

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I love unit studies. :-)


Yes, dc "retain information." But you just have a little person. I wouldn't worry so much about retention at this age, or, rather, being able to regurgitate back what she has learned.


I preferred KONOS over the Weaver, but the Weaver is good, too.:001_smile:

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