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Great resource for SOTW IV, Chapters20-21, WWI . . .

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During the Christmas season of 1914, the war had been going on for about four months. In opposing trenches on the western front extending through Belgium and France, soldiers from Britain, France, and Belgium faced the Germans and Austrians across a "No Man's Land" that in some places was only 60 yards wide. The soldiers became bored with life in the trenches, as the armies were at a stalemate and there was little activity, beyond sniper fire, on a day to day basis for weeks at a time. As Christmas approached, the Germans began to celebrate the season, with the troops shouting Christmas greetings to one another across "No Man's Land." The camaraderie eventually led to a Christmas truce, with the enemies leaving their trenches to meet in the middle of "No Man's Land" to celebrate the season. It's truly a moving story. John McCutcheon's song, "Christmas in the Trenches," is a beautiful tribute to these men and those times in history.


A link to an essay about the truce can be found here:




Here's a link to McCutcheon's song lyrics:



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