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Guest chelle614

I have been looking into using the Living Books Curriculum (LBC) for next year, and it seems very interesting. I am intrigued by all the books that are involved and was curious to find out what other people think about the program. Anyone currently using LBC for part of or all of their homeschooling needs? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. :)

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No Help but I just got off the LBC website and I'm very intrigued as well!


I'd like to know how people like it compared with Sonlight. Sonlight seems like devouring while LBC seems more like savoring. Meaning there are a lot of books to get through in Sonlight and LBC has less but more time to really "live" with the book.



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We tried LBC YR2 this year. I had high hopes for it, and I really love some of the materials. The schedule with planned activities has been great for me. Unfortunately the materials have not been a hit with dd7. She really enjoyed the combination of AO/SL/Earthschooling we did last year, so we're going back to that next year. All that said, I don't regret this year.




1) wonderful read aloud choices with LBC - some we would probably never have found on our own


2) I LOVE having the CM style plans and tips all set out for me, and I really hope I can take what I've learned this year and apply it to AO from now on


3) I will use LBC's recommendations for LA from now on; those resources have been a hit


4) art and composer study was easier to get done than with AO - mostly because the resources were at my fingertips - I didn't have to print out copies of paintings or look up playlists on you tube (I will come away from this year with a better plan for us in this area from now on - cds and books are so much easier for me to implement than anything that comes from the computer)



So why was this year a bust for dd? I'm not positive, but here are some thoughts:


1) the study of Egypt was soooooooooooooooooooo dragging - I felt like everything was covered and recovered over and over again, so I suspect dd may have felt the same (though I was determined not to put thoughts of boredom in her mind!) ; I can't imagine going through that again with another region next year - we used SOTW this year, too, so that helped liven things up, thank goodness!


2) some of the books in this grade were surprisingly advanced and dry - I really thought AO was advanced, but I feel like some of the choices in LBC were not engaging enough for a young elementary student (and dd is an old soul and a deep thinker); some of the choices just didn't draw either of us in


3) LBC took longer for us to get through each day than AO/SL did, so we had very little time for Earthschooling this year, and I think dd really misses the creativity and natural feel we had in our home last year. I need to bring the Waldorf elements back, so that's a big reason why I won't continue with LBC next year.


I know other people (even on the AO board) who love LBC. It just didn't work for us. Overall, I think it's a fine program - challenging and thorough with some real gems to discover. If it could satisfy us on its own, I wouldn't hesitate to use it (though I might have to sub out some choices!). Unfortunately, I think it was a better fit for me than for dd.


I don't know if any of that was helpful or not. I really don't want to turn you off of this program because it might be a great fit for other families. It's a very good, very strong curriculum, and it's fairly easy on the parent.


ETA: You asked about SL versus LBC: yes, SL gobbles compared to LBC - that's why I really like combining SL with a slower-paced program (like AO or LBC - both AO and LBC teach children to live with the books - though we lived in Egypt longer than I would have liked!); another reason I tend to combine SL into our CM choice is that I feel like SL does a great job selecting the absolute best of the more modern materials, and I want dd exposed to the best of both worlds


Another ETA: Dd has apparently enjoyed the American History side of things because, out of the blue the other day, she stated that she would really love to go to Boston someday to see for herself where everything we've been reading about took place. That's the plus of letting kids live with a particular book or subject for so long, I suppose.

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