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Please look at this and tell me if I'm nuts or this looks good...

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First Grade:


Each thing is every day unless otherwise noted:


Language Lessons for Little Ones VOl3

Spelling Through Copywork

Pathway Readers plus workbook 2x/week


Singapore 1a/b plus Intensive Practice

Right Start Games Package


Greek Level 2

Cursive Handwriting Practice (because he wants to and is enjoying it)


God Made Music - 1x/week

Rod and Staff Artpacs 1x/week


History - SOTW 1 casually with notebooking, and library books for history, lit, geography, etc. with notebooking.

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Just curious....are you using just the games package from Rightstart? Are you going to be doing the level B as well or just Singapore. I'm asking simply out of curiousity because we are in the process of looking at Rightstart too.


I think your plan looks great!

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