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Homeschool Scheduling Options for Next Year


How do you schedule your year?  

  1. 1. How do you schedule your year?

    • Same schedule as public schools
    • Six weeks on, 1 or 2 weeks off
    • Three months on, one month off
    • Year Round, taking breaks when needed
    • Other options...please explain

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Generally like p.s. but liberally tweaked :) Also, we love having lazy summer days -- and always have some busy summer weeks that keep us hopping!


We start about the same time as the local schools, mid-August, and finish our school year in late May. My husband is on staff at a state university and his work life is very influenced by their similar schedule, so it works for all of us to be somewhat synchronized.


I schedule mini-breaks of 3-5 days about every six weeks, because we all really need a breather. Often these coincide with holidays or school breaks, though this year we ended up with a 10-day spring break because my 12yo went on a church youth trip during spring break and we wanted a few days of everyone together, too. We take two weeks at Christmas (from a few days before Christmas 'til Epiphany) because after Christmas Day we have a family birthday, a winter Scouting campout, New Year's, and our annual Twelfth Night party!


For us, the first four weeks of our year are a gradual build-up to full amounts of schooling, and the last three or four weeks are a gradual relaxation and finishing of schoolwork and enjoyment of late spring.


Currently the math books are nearly completed, and I will save the rest of the review pages for once-a-week review this summer. For Latin, I'm switching gears for May -- no lessons, only review, enrichment books, and Latin games; this is the kind of Latin study we'll do this summer as well, in the weeks the boys are home (see below!). Piano will continue, more relaxed and with more theory games, in the summer (I'm the teacher). We have dropped formal writing/composition study for May. The boys do handwriting or copywork several times a week, currently moving more into note taking, list writing, cards to family members, etc.


The big thing that we're keeping on pace is history -- the reading, discussion, mapwork, and enrichment books and occasional movie or documentary -- aiming for a particular stopping point. It feels pretty easy to keep working on history since everything else is so light right now.


This summer we have more week-long commitments than ever, so the in-between "lazy days" will be precious. Last three days of May: 12yo to church outreach VBS elsewhere in the state. First week of June: 12yo to Boy Scout camp, 8yo to morning VBS. Second week: all my guys to work/attend Cub Scout Day Camp. (Breathe.) Fourth week: 12yo to church camp. (Breathe.) Second & third weeks of July: host a visiting British Boy Scout, and he & 12yo & dh will go on a camping trip out of state. I might sign up my 8yo for a science museum class one of those July weeks, or swim lessons for two weeks in July. (Breathe.) For the last three weeks of summer break we'll all laze about, play video games and board games, tend the garden, ride bikes, etc.

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We plan our year around TOG units (which are 9 weeks long). Basically, our schedule goes as follows:


Start 1st week August

School 9 weeks

Break 1 week (Oct.)

School 9 weeks

Break 3 weeks (Christmas vacation)

School about 9 weeks, depending where Easter falls.

Break 2 weeks (before/after Easter)

School final 9 weeks (weeks vary depending on when Easter fell)

Finish late May/early June

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