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Favorite Greek for young kids


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DD is using Hey, Andrew 1 this year. It is just lowercase letters and sounds with 3 vocabulary words at the end. She is a strong reader (going into 2nd grade LA this fall), but will be not-quite-6, so still a short attention span and her hand gets tired with too much writing.


Would you recommend continuing with Hey, Andrew 2? Song School Greek? Something else?


I like the look of Elementary Greek, but it seems to move really, really fast, and I think it would be better for her to have a year of English grammar under her belt before starting that.


My hope is to do one more year of just Greek and either Spanish or Mandarin (she's had a very basic intro to both this year due to unexpected opportunities). Then in 3rd grade add in Latin and 2nd semester 3rd or 4th add the other modern language.


I'd love any suggestions/recommendations.



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I loved Hey Andrew. My son and I did a year and a half of the main levels together. We really enjoyed it. Life just got crazy after that, but I plan to use it with my younger ones.


It is soooooo gentle.


For now, we're doing Latin and Greek root studies.

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I love the fact that it is a slow moving program. It has given my boys a chance to really get to know their letters and sounds before memorizing a bunch of words. My just turned 6yo is currently working in Level 1. He does 2 pages a day. He does page 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 for each letter. He only writes the letter 6 times on 2 or 3 lines for practice. This has been enough practice without overwhelming his writing for the day.

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