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Classical Writing users.. can you answer some questions for me?

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Yes, I like CW. Homer has a huge learning curve. It has taken awhile for my brain to get wrapped around it but I am coming around to understanding the purposes of all of the steps. At times it seems very convoluted and it is hard to see the forrest for the trees but I am starting to see the light. :001_smile: We are only on Homer B but I am told that it gets easier after Homer. Here's hoping. :D


As to your other question, it depends on the book. With Aesop, it only takes us about 10 minutes a day. In my second time around, I am able to combine two days into one which makes things even faster. I don't do the analysis and the writing project all at one time. We do the analysis first (right now it takes us about two days because I combine days) then we start the writing project (however long that takes us, usually two or three days.)


The Homer book takes much longer. It takes us about 30 -- 45 minutes to get one days' worth of analysis done. We do the same thing with Homer as we do for Aesop: we do analysis first then do the writing project so it takes us about two weeks to do one week in the book.

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We use and love Classical Writing. Judging by the ages in your signature, I'll assume the Aesop and Older Beginners levels? Aesop is pretty gentle; a capable kid could spend about 20-30 minutes a day to finish one lesson a week. For Older Beginners I'd schedule 45-60 minutes daily.

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