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Well we are pretty new to lapbooking . Just started yesterday and my daughters LOVE it , and frankly so do I . Its relaxing :D

I thought I would ask , what are your favorite lapbooking resources ? Is there any that sell their lapbooking items on CD ? We'll be moving and won't have access to high speed internet anymore ( sigh ) . So I would like a CD .

Right now I'm just looking for free lapbooking sites as its almost the end of the year . Can anyone share some of your favorites ? I only have found three so far that offer freebie lapbooking templates .


Also where in the world do you find colored file folders ? I have never seen those before for some reason . I always thought they came in only one color !:lol:

Anyone willing to share some pictures of their completed lapbooks ? I would love to get more ideas .

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Here are my bookmarks:


This site has a great video and much more:



Free lapbooks:



I learned about lapbooks from Tammy of Tobin's Lab (she is so much fun!)





Another site with lots of links:






Another site:



Color file folders can be bought at office supply stores in the same aisle as the manilla ones. :001_smile:

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