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Has anyone seen this show? We found it on Netflix, and my girls are addicted...ever since she started watching a few weeks ago, my oldest's phonics abilities have dramatically improved. Don't know if it is causation or correllation, but just wanted to put it out there.

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dramatically, not drastically.
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I can not remember how old J was when it came out but he is reading above grade level and was *addicted* to that show. I can say that he started sounding out words shortly after it came on. We LOVE it and I am bummed that at age 7.4yrs he is "too old for a baby show now Momma". It is SUCH a cute show!!!

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*I* love this show. :lol: My kids do too. My two older kids both learned that s and h makes the "shhhh" sound from the "Sh-sh-shark!" episode. And the little song Frog sings to tell the difference between a "b" and a "d" is one I often hear my DD singing when she's doing her spelling and trying to remember how to write the right letter.


It's an awesome show!

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