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Where would I find Foerster Algebra I Solutions Manual (1994)? nt

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Do you have the ISBN? ISBN 0201861003 for 1994, but I'm pretty sure the newer solution manual will work with the 1994 textbook.


Here are the search engines I use for textbooks:






Nobody is showing a solutions manual right now. Your best bet is to order directly from the publisher.


Iif you want (need) to order directly from Pearson, they have a simple form for home educators to fill-out and return before being able to purchase from them. (The form and sign-up is free.)

(Purchasing the solutions manual from the publisher is rather expensive, but well worth it to me!)







This page has the tests too, just in case you're interested.




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Try this website:

http://bywayofthefamily.com/seriesresults2.cfm?strSeriesCode=Foerester .


This may be the new solution manuals, but they should still work for older textbooks. I have found when the newer textbooks are revised that only simple changes are made in word problems ( dogs turned into cats). It had no effect on the outcome of the problems.




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