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Forgot to add re my "catching up" post: biology....

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My son has also fallen waaay behind in biology. We've been using Holt's Biology: Visualizing Life (despite its laughably out-of-date evolution chapters which we replaced with Of Pandas and People) and the labs from Apologia. At this point, he is only at chapter 17 with 19 chapters to go. Even at two chapters a week, that would take around 10 more weeks--meaning he'd have to go all through the summer, a thought he dreads. Has anyone had a child carry over a science for a previous year while working on a new science (ie, next year I was planning to have him do chemistry--probably Spectrum as we're not Apologia fans). How would you manage this situation? TIA.

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We tried Apologia Biology and did not work out the way we thought. Had to buy another curr., Integrated Physics and Chemistry, wait for arrival and then we moved. The whole ordeal put us behind big time. While waiting begun the another Biology curr. we had, now quite behind. When Integrated Physics and Chemistry arrived I added to her load. She did not mind, no choice anyways.


Right now she is almost cought up with Biology but still have a half year behind on Integrated Physics.


Next school year, she will continue with the Integrated Physics and Chemistry and begin with the new Science for that year. Hopefully by the end of this year she should be done with Integrated and will continue with the other Science. If she is interested enough she might be doing Astronomy at night, as she is looking forward to do.:001_huh:

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First, a short backstory: we're considering enrolling all three girls in a Catholic school that runs K-12; it's a 30-minute drive from us. Even though my husband has made a good recovery from his health crisis last fall, we felt like we were in a vulnerable position financially, so I took my GRE's in March and am looking into grad. school myself. I have been talking to their guidance counselor about some questions with the transcript for my oldest girl, and she's been very helpful.


My oldest did Lial's Intro. Algebra in 8th grade and did well. Then, not knowing what we were doing, we put her into Interm. Algebra in 9th grade. The first half of the year she did fine because it was a review of Intro. The second half of the year she flunked because it was way too difficult for her. This was our fault---we should have put her in geometry instead. So, I'm working on getting transcripts together for my girls. I asked the counselor about the situation---what do I do with this "F" on her transcript? She's really an "A" student. The counselor suggested I give her an "A" for the first semester (which she did get) and then show that we withdrew her from the class in the second semester. In other words---we fulfilled our homeschooling requirement for the state of Missouri in terms of hours for math (oh boy, did we!), but the counselor found a way for me to put it on her transcript that gave her some type of a grade without having to fail the poor kid.


OK--back to your question: do you have a guidance counselor at the local Christian private school that your oldest goes to that you could discuss this situation with? I personally would think it would be OK to continue with the Holt Biology through next year---I mean, after all, life has been full of major interruptions for you. The reason I'm suggesting this is that this guidance counselor at this Catholic school has been very, very helpful, and perhaps you'd be able to find a similar guidance counselor where you are. Of course, someone on these boards with more "savvy" than what I've got could help you, too! I know that this particular counselor, and probably many homeschoolers, have run into similar difficult situations.


This may be a convoluted answer, but I hope this will help and that you find someone experienced in these matters who can guide you through.

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Ds did the last 4 or so chapters of Apologia Bio the beginning of the next year. He still managed to finish the science for that year on time, we just lightened a few assignments in other areas to provide him an extra half hour or so. (Geez, that sounds so intentional and scheduled--not us! lol)


I will tell you, if you did go the Apologia route for Chem, it's a pretty straightforward book--I am surprised ds is getting an A--shocked, really. (I'd better make sure the answer book is out of reach!) And he's going to finish it in plenty of time.


Y'know, if you just added 3 weeks to your remaining years of school, you'd have enough time without pushing. Maybe start one week earlier and finish two weeks later? Just a thought.

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