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ways to test thyroid without bloodwork?

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Both the family doctor and the psychiatrist want bloodwork from my 12yo to see if thyroid or some other issue is causing her anxiety and depression, but whenever it is mentioned she goes into a full-scale panic attack.


Are there reliable ways of testing for thyroid function that don't involve needles?


I did some googling and found information about saliva testing, but I don't know how reliable that is and I don't know what kind of information it would give. Neither doctor mentioned saliva testing, so I don't know if it's commonly accepted.


Both doctors have said to put off the bloodwork for now since it freaks her out so badly, but they want it done at some point.

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The quickest and easiest test is the blood test - the tech or nurse will place a very-small bore butterfly in her arm and take one or two vials of blood. Given her level of anxiety, you may ask for her to have a valium prior to the blood draw since that will calm her and then she'll see it's not that big of a deal. The valium doesn't need to be a high dose, just enough to take the edge off her anxiety - like 5mg - taken about 20-minutes before they'll draw her blood.

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