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History for 3rd and 5th grade..

Guest LisaW

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Guest LisaW

I am wanting to use one program for Ancient History this year with my kidlets. I am looking at History Odyssey which is very inexpensive and I have most of the books already and AWOA from Learning Adventures (which I have several of the books, but can get the others easily).

Can anyone give me their opinion or thoughts on which one I should go with? My kids like activities and I like having something planned out for me. :bigear:

Thanks a bunch!! :D

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We used ANWOA this year--so I can't attest to AWOA--but I really like the format. I think it is very useable with kids your kids' ages. My son is 5th grade. When I ordered it I talked to Dorian and she suggested I start with AWOA--but I didn't take her advice--and now wish I had.

This is what I like--

1. Great stories and discussions (and great ideas of little extras to go along with them--i.e. eating licorice together in a story where they are eating licorice)--she really does bring things together nicely.

2. I like the science--and the fact that you can supplement with library materials at whatever level your kids are ready for.

3. Grammar and spelling seem too easy---for my tastes.

4. The history on ANWOA is not arranged how I'd hoped it would be--so we have supplemented it with SOTW--which my son likes better.


Overall--very happy we got it--it was a great place to start for us--and you can add to it or take away very easily!

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