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Help me find this science tool please

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We were at a traveling science exhibit from the Pacific Science Center today, and one of the tools they had there for looking at mineral samples was a "flash scope". It was a magnifying glass with a light and kind of looked kind of like an audiscope that's flat on the ear side, too. It's power was only 10x but it was pretty cool.

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Ok, so I was spelling otoscope wrong.


It looks like this without the ear specula attached and the part you look in was more square than around.


Hm. Did it look this...industrial/heavy duty? Because it may be an actual pricey scientific tool v. something commonly available.


I find lots of things that are sort of similar to what you describe:


Like this or


Like this


Or this thing


Even this


This thing looks pretty cool too


And this (which is pricey)


Here's another that looks similar, but is a usb one too


But, I'm not finding anything that is exactly like you describe. I can keep bumping with guesses and hope somebody else knows? :D

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Wow! You all found so many things. All I was getting was flash drives and a blog called flashscope. That last one, Mrs. Mungo, looks pretty cool.


I also have a call into the science center to see if they can direct me.

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