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Well, SOTW is scheduled in TOG. TOG includes soooo much more than SOTW. Have you looked at the online samples? That will give you a better idea of what the differences are.


TOG allows you to teach the same topic with all your children at their levels. It also includes literature/analyses and awesome thinking questions. Writing is included too. There is just sooooo much more to TOG.

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Well, TOG is a complete program for all grade levels that includes history, geography, literature, writing, church history, hands-on activities, fine arts and other optional subjects for high schoolers.


If you're just looking for an easy history curriculum to use with younger children, SOTW fits the bill. The SOTW activity guide also includes easy hands-on activites and some suggestions for additional reading.


A few years ago, I switched from SOTW to TOG for the following reasons:


I wanted to correlate history, fine arts, etc with history and felt I was doing too much research work to accomplish this with SOTW.


I liked that TOG focuses awhile on certain major history periods (e.g. colonial America) allowing us to get in depth.


By the way, both cover the spread of the various world religions. However TOG 's teacher notes are a great help to me when discussing the events from a Christian perspective.

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