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Presidential campaign vent...

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We vote by mail here (not my favorite way). It is nice, though, when it's time to vote, b/c I can sit down with my Voter's Pamphlet and read up on the candidates and issues in a more relaxed setting than in a voting booth.


Here's what gets me...I received a Republican ballot. Both John McCain and Ron Paul are on there, even though McCain already has enough votes for his party's nomination. Even so, I voted for one of them b/c it's important to me not to waste my vote (see thread from earlier today). Neither one, however, submitted anything for our state's voter's pamphlet.


McCain recently visited Oregon. It cost $1000 per person to attend the event.


Obama and Clinton (all 3 of them) have been all over the place here trying to garner votes. They don't charge at all. :001_smile:


I know it's "just" the primary, and for McCain no longer an issue, but why wouldn't he want to reach voters when he visits an area? We will be voting in the General Election as well, and will remember getting to hear Obama speak (could have gone to see Bill Clinton, but didn't want to) and will also remember that we couldn't afford $4000 for our family to hear McCain. That happened, too the last time George Bush campaigned in Oregon. It was a Rep.-only event and cost several hundred dollars per person. It just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, iykwim. :rant:


Vent over.

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Does Oregon usually vote Democratic by a significant margin in the Presidential election? That could explain why the Republicans don't spend more time trying to reach a large number of voters if they think the outcome in your state is a foregone conclusion.


Obama and Clinton need every vote they can get this year, so they're making themselves accessible to every voter.

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