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Can you talk to me about the differences in the different editions of TWTM?

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I have only read parts of the first and second edition that pertain to where I am in educating my children (Grammar Stage). I did not find any differences in how to implement the method only in the suggessted resources. I purchased the first edition because I found it at Half Price Books for seven dollars.

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I have the 1999 and the most recent edition. There are several difference.

If you are looking for suggested materials, then the 1999 edition won't be very helpful. Lots of it is out of print, companies have shut down etc. There are many more available resources these days.


In terms of method, some things seem simpler. When I look at suggestions for notebook keeping the newer book is much simpler. The science suggestions for year one are more direct. I think maybe the outlining discussion for the logic stage is more complete..but that might not be true at all. I can't remember off the top of my head.


There was a lot of streamlining from the older book to the newer.


So, if you are looking for a discussion of classical methods and the reason behind them, then the earlier books are fine. If you are looking for concrete material suggestions, or at least places to start looking, then the newer book would be more helpful.

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