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I need recommendations for living Geography books for my rising 9th grade dd....

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For a general geography overview, try Voyages and Travels: Ancient and Modern by William Eliot (this is a really old book--like 1910--with various explorers' travels in their own words) or East to West: Journey Around the World by Arnold Toynbee (1959 historians's travel journal).


I got these ideas from All Through the Ages--a book of booklists by topic. It also has lists by continent which yo umay want to check out for more ideas.

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My dd is doing the same thing next year (BJ Geography w/ living books). Here are the books on my list. Some I have previewed, some are sitting in the stack to be looked at.


Brendan Voyage (Severin)

How the Heather Looks (Bodger)

Kon Tiki

Oregon Trail (Parkman)

Royal Road to Romance (Halliburton)

Walking the Bible (Feiler)

Full Tilt (Murphy)

Dove (Graham)

Peace Child (Richardson)

The Hills is Lonely (Beckwith)

Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World (Twain)

Sailing Alone Around the World

No Picnic on Mount Kenya

Two Years Before Mast

Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains (Isabella Bird) can find at Gutenburg Project

Yangtze Valley and Beyond (Isabella Bird) also at Gutenburg Project


I'm also look at some of the SL5 books.


Yvonne in NE

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We are doing BJU Geography with living books next year for oldest!! We are anxiously waiting for all the components of the new BJU Cultural Geography to be available. I really like the look of it.


We are going to definitely do Around the World in 80 Days. I just finished it, and it is perfect for geograhy study. I also plan to do many missionary stories, some from Sonlight, like Yvonne said.

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