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Far more important than lessons right now, right?

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My neighbor is in her mid-60's. She has MS and is mostly in good shape. She is widowed. Last night she had overdone things and her MS fatigue kicked in big time. Her body kind of gave out and she ended up on the floor. I had been out walking her dogs and came in to find her there. Come to find out, she also hadn't eaten enough that day. I sat with her for a long time making sure she ate, blood sugar back up, legs functional again.


Today, she rang the bell a while ago. I think that scared her a bit and she is needing some chat time. She is out with the dogs and the boys on the deck chatting their heads off -- for a long time. I think that is far more important than that grammar lesson for today, right?

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I think so, but I wouldn't want skipping the lessons to become a habit, KWIM? OTOH, are you near the end of the school year? :D


Yeah, we are down to the last 10 days at most. I am actually mostly finished with my 1st grader except for finishing the history book. And my 4th grader needs to finish a couple of books sometime before beginning again in July. No pressure this time of year. We generally take it very light and slow in order to enjoy the short period of time when we can open up the house and before the skeeters, heat, and humidity drive us in.

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I think that it's always good to be of service to someone else, despite needing grammar. You can always learn grammar another time. A year and a half ago, some friends of ours really needed some help. They had an ill child in the hospital and had other children who really didn't need to be at the hospital all the time. So we had them at our house some of the time, and did other stuff to help them out. Needless to say, not much formal schooling was accomplished.


In the grand scheme of things, though, I hope that I showed my kids just how important it is to help out others. And that life lessons are often much more important and long lasting than formal school.

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