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looking for Dante's Inferno for kids

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Does anyone know of a good version of The Inferno written for children. I have a third and first grader, both reading well above their grade level, with whom I would like to try to read a simplified version. I didn't see a version recommended in TWTM, but it appeared in the suggested reading for the Medieval/Renaissance period.




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You know, this is not a book that I would recommend for children of that age. We just read it with my eighth grader (doing a high school lit. class) and the themes are rather dark and somewhat mature. We are talking about hell here. It deals with all sorts of human depravity. I can't imagine how to adapt this work for a younger audience, let alone a grammar age child. It would need a major whitewash to be appropriate for a logic stage child.

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I swear I saw a children's adaptation of this... but I can't find it now. I'd wanted to see it just for amusement's sake.

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Guest Shanna
It has a children's version of the Inferno in one of the volumes. It also has some stories from the childhoods of composers, and other cool biographical sketches that you can salt into your history studies here and there.


Do you know which volume by chance? I have them also and would like to check it out. I guess I could look for myself, but hey.

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