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Compare FLL and LL for the Very Young?

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I tried my best to search Trivium Academy's blog. I know it is in there somewhere. Here is my dilemma. I have decided to go with more of a CM approach. I plan to start Simply Spelling and Writing Tales for 3rd grade. I am worried she will not be prepared for either of them, so I want to do something gentle in 2nd grade to get her ready. I don't trust copywork alone as I feel like I will flub it up. Help?:confused:

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I never posted it, I didn't have the time and b/c I had already made the decision- the comparison didn't matter to me. Priorities. Lol. Here's a comparison of PLL and FLL, PLL and LLVY are very similar although I prefer PLL (for 2nd/3rd). Is that enough acronyms?



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I see in your sig that you're talking about a 5.5 year old. For this age, PLL is totally out of the question (as you may already know) because it's for 2nd and 3rd graders.


But as far as end of K-first grade, here are some differences between FLL and LLVY


FLL requires memory work. FFVY does not do memory work, but rather poetry appreciation. You can take some of the poems and memorize them if you wish but it's not emphasized.


LLVY has more levels. With a six year old (I'm guessing you're talking about next year), you could start her in LL for Little Ones or LLVY Volume One. Both contain copywork, narration, and picture study but LL for Little Ones has phonics and reading practice, and LLVY focuses on grammar and punctuation more, with no phonics work.


To me, looking at the samples, and in the LL book I have, FLL seems very outcomes oriented. There is a goal for students to master and retain specific amounts of information. It's much more driven. There are suggestions to read a poem three times a day for so many days, until the student begins to memorize the work. Similar memory techniques and drills are used for parts of speech and the other grammar topics.


LLVY takes a more CM approach, with more of observation, discussion, appreciation, and natural review through more discussion. There isn't the suggestion to read something three times a day for so many days, and check the memory. It's not set up to get the student to memorize through drill and rote, but rather to discuss and remember because she has talked about it, discussed it and practiced a bit.


It's just the difference between the WTM Classical Model or the CM Model, basically.


As far as the Classical model goes, I am completely impressed with FLL and it's extremely gentle considering what is covered. It's not twaddle, and it's not a workbook. It's good Classical learning and memorization.


But I chose LLVY because I wanted to emphasize the more natural, discussion and appreciation style learning, especially in the early years.

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Thanks for your help. I will not start either program until she is at least 6.5...we are starting first grade this summer when she turns 6 and I can't really determine ahead of time when I will feel she is ready for it. She writes sentences and stories all the time, so I am thinking she needs some kind of direction, though I want it to be gentle, not rigorous.

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