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HOD Beyond science question

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I keep ending up on the HOD site but just can't make up my mind. I like the idea of having the schedule made for me since it will be my first year of homeschooling. I studied the sample week for Beyond. I was wondering, for those who have used it, if the science is adequate for a first grade level or do you use a different science curriculum?


I have looked at many of the science samples offered by different companies and read many of the science threads on this board. It just seems to me like they are more in depth than what I see on HOD. Of course, only seeing one week of the guide makes it tough to get the whole picture.


What do you do?

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The science in Beyond is adequate for 1st grade for sure. It is light though, so if you or your child are really into science you might want to add to it. You could easily do that with library books. my ds is doing Beyond for 2nd grade, and my dh is doing Apologia zoology 1 with him also.

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Yes, for first grade it is fine. I will be doing it with a 2nd grader and I am not a bit worried about it. The early ages of elementary science are more about exploration and observation. As parents we are constantly asked questions and answering them about all sorts of "science" things so no curriculum will cover every science term. With my other kids, we often just took topics of interest and got library books about them so we had a very round "science." Many states don't even require science to be taught in 1st or 2nd grades and I don't know of any who test in those areas. All that to say just ENJOY Beyond and the science reading, activities, etc. If your child has more interest in an area, get some books from the library! It is a great curriculum.

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