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Is this complete for grades 5 and 6 next year?

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Sonlight 5:

Bible? or our own


History/ Geography



MUS Epsilon and Zeta


SWO F and G


R&S English 5 and 6- Grammar and Writing (also some outlining and summaries/ WTM questions answered on books read, maybe dictation 1X/wk)


Latina Christiana 2


I feel like we need more for writing and/ or Literary Analysis...maybe CLE Reading and/or a writing program in addition to R&S? IEW appeals to me some, but I don't like the dress-up idea much. I need something that doesn't take ME much time, since I really need to give my next two dc more time, but I want to challenge my boys more and keep them moving forward into the Logic stage.


Thanks so much for your input! Lillian

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You'll be doing a lot of reading with Sonlight 5 - what about using Teaching the Classics? That way you'll be equipped to bring in more literary analysis but you won't be adding an entire new program or book list to what you're already doing.


I think you're already doing a lot for writing especially if you have them writing across the curriculum regularly. I would begin to make use of the specific skills taught in the writing assignments in R&S and apply them to their other subjects. You could start Jump In with your grade 6 student. I think that it's a good idea to add in a separate writing program by about grade 6 or so and Jump In is a fairly easy one to implement.

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We started IEW this year and my children's writing is incredibly better. We had been doing Writing Strands, but it gave them huge gaps in their writing skills. The dress-ups are actually what my children needed the most as that is taught poorly in WS. I'm not sure how WS compares to the program you have used, though. Anyhow, I would give IEW a try if you can find someone to borrow it from, since it is a bit expensive!

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