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My dd starts her first gymnasitic class in a couple of weeks

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My girls prefer the leotards that have longer legs - like bike shorts. Most times Wal Mart has them - target has them too, but they are more expensive. The first ones we bought at WM are now on their 2nd child. The Target ones too - but didn't want to scare you with the cheaper thing ;)


The oldest had to move to a womens leotard and now wears shorts over it.

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Beginning lessons: form fitting t-shirt and shorts. A leotard might be beneficial is she spends much time upside down. (My girls disliked showing their stomachs and found it annoying.) IF you decide on a leo, have her wear the tradition style in lieu of the bike short style, as it's uncomfortable to change if she progresses and is required to wear the regular leotard.

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