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Gross Q of the am: Something has died in my basement. How do I...

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get the smell out?!? Noticed this foul smell while tucking my boys in last night. Dh had smelled it days ago. It is horrible and me thinks it is dead mouse. :001_huh: Dh looked around, but it could very well be in the walls. HOW do I get this smell OUT! I can't even stand to be in the doorway to the basement...it's right off our kitchen. Blech, blech and double blech. Pest control comes Friday. Geesh...you'd think we live in the woods or something...ants, moths, mice. Oh my!

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Try an Air Sponge.


You can get them at hardware stores and they really work. It is a sponge with some non-toxic stuff impregnated in it, in a plastic box. You take off the lid and let it do its work.


When we first moved into our current house, our main floor powder room stank of urine, probably in the floor grout. No matter how hard I scrubbed, I could not get it out. One week with an air sponge behind the toilet and the odor was gone. I've also used in them musty basements.


Good luck.



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