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Truthquest History vrs. Tapestry of Grace


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I've been looking into these and like the looks of both. I think I'd prefer Truthquest (just based on the online samples) but I'd like the fact that TOG does the four year rotation and the hands on activities from TOG. If you've used either (or both) of these what do you like or dislike?

If you do you use Truthquest-did you find that only going through the history rotation once for 5-12th didn't work well...I quess I am thinking that if the only time they study Ancient history is in 5th-6th, they won't remember anything by the time they graduate.



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I think you can get TQ done in 4 years if you want.

Yr 1 Ancients

Yr 2 MA-R&R, (part of) AOR I

Yr 3 AOR I, (half or all of) AOR II

Yr 4 (rest of AOR II if you have not finished) and AOR III.


We did ancients in about 12 weeks (but we were in a hurry because it was the end of the year).

We spent an entire year on Middle Ages because my ds requested this....but you know...it was very, very hard making that guide last an entire year. In fact...we finished it several months ago. He LOVES Middle Ages and even he got sick of it. I never would have thunk it. ;)


We could easily have done it in 12 weeks...then R&R in 12.

The AORI-III guides are thicker than the Ancients through R&R guides though.

But I really think it is doable to do all the guides in 4 years. You just have to keep moving.


I think many people do two 6 year cycles rather than three 4 year cycles.

Whichever way is fine as long as it works for your family.


(Sorry...I listed AOR I-III...and you'll probably be using the younger guides. But they should cover the same time periods.)

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In my opinion TruthQuest is just a book list with a bit of commentary here and there when changing history subjects. I didn't like it. I had no idea which book or books to pick from each list, and then when/if I did pick books it was up to me to schedule them into our day...how many pages per day, chapters per week, etc. :tongue_smilie: This is NOT a history curriculum in my opinion.


TOG, on the other hand, is MUCH more than a book list. It's a history curriculum on steroids! :D TOG has lots of choices for you as well, but it is already scheduled out for you by the week so you know exactly which books and pages/chapters to read each week. Exactly which vocab words to study, mapping to do, etc. They did all the thinking and planning for you, all you have to do is decide what parts of the whole you want to use (just history and mapping; just the history, bible and literature; or maybe EVERYTHING) Once that is decided, you then plan from their weekly schedule what you want to accomplish on each day of said week.


The two programs in my opinion are like night and day.


TQ is like the night....you can kind-of see where you are going, there are glimpses of light, but no clear vision of exactly how or when you'll get there or what exact vehicle :auto: (book or books) you'll use to accomplish your goal.


TOG, on the other hand, gives you a clear picture of where you are going, how you'll get there, and what to complete each and every week to accomplish your goal. Plus lots of snacks (activities) to enjoy along the way. :D


Cheesy comparison, I know! :tongue_smilie::lol:

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I do like the 4 year cycle for history. We're gearing up for our 3rd go-round starting this fall, and we can't wait. The kids are familiar enough with the ancients to remember them and are looking forward to going even deeper in their studies.


The thing I like about TOG is that it keeps me on track. My first go through of the 4-yr cycle I did with WTM only, and I did not keep a good pace at all. I couldn't figure out how long I should spend on each topic, and ended up spending waaaayyy to much time in Egypt. We barely covered Rome at all. TOG lays all that out for me, so I know that 1 week is sufficient for say, ancient China, and 3 weeks might be needed for ancient sumeria (just guessing on those times, btw :tongue_smilie:)


anyway, we're starting our 5th year with TOG and I can't say enough good about it!

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It's good to know that TQ CAN be done in 4 yrs-(not that this is a HUGE issue, but still I'd like to get throught the cycle at least twice)


"The two programs in my opinion are like night and day. "

That is so funny! Apparently I need to get to a convention, huh?

I liked the commentary that I read in the TQ sample...but TOG is sounding better all the time.

As far as the biblical aspect in each--are they pretty much nondenominational-or does one or the other lean to one particular set of beliefs. (I think both are protestant, right?)

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They are different animals.


TQ is a history outline, with commentary on each outline point, from a Christian perspective when necessary. It will have lit recommendations, art/music history recommendations and craft book recommendations. Nothing is scheduled. I counted up the books recommended for the American Revolution in the younger guide and quit when I reached 300 and I wasn't finished. TQ doesn't have any structured mapping, timeline, vocab, ect. It does have some writing, but in the younger books I have there are only 2-4 assignments.


TOG is a weekly unit study. All the books, mapping, vocab, activities, people...everything revolves around that topic. For the American Revolution, which is covered in two weeks, there are probably 15-30 books listed for all the levels.


TQ is great if you just want good books, with some Christian perspective. TOG is great if you want a complete curriculium for history from a Christian perspective.


I need to have all the pieces laid out for me, specifically mapping, timeline figures, and vocab or they don't happen here. I also like how TOG integrates more topics, and I prefer how they are all in one week together. TQ will have Fine Arts but it will be it's own spot on the timeline, not integrated with the other history. It is a very slight difference, but....being anal...one that mattered to me. :D Nothing to do with needs or what works, just preference.


TOG works better for me, but I can make TQ work if I needed to again.



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