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8th grade foreign language


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Tell him to keep in mind that he will probably need 2-3 years of the same language on the HS level in order to be accepted into many Universities, so I advise him to pick 1 or 2 full time languages that he is okay with long term...


It also may help if you make him find a few prospects for each language he wants, that way you don't have to worry about it as much...

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Do you want a book/audio program? You may find that he has some good success with a ____ for beginners course bought from Borders or Amazon.


I know the anneberg site has videos for French (French in Action) and Spanish (Destinos) available for free, I think they have something for German also...


Check out the language programs from KnowItAll.org they offer video courses in Spanish, French and German for children. Teach me Tapes is kind of "childish" but they are good for learning basic vocabulary/basic grammar and they have several languages (SPN, CHN, JPN, FRE, GER, KOR, etc) I can't attest to the 'quality' of any of them but Spanish, which is good for what it is. (A coloring book with Tapes/CD's and all the words along with them.)


Also, the Passport ___ For Beginners is a great set of books. They have Spanish, German and French, but no Asian languagess. If you want to go with German or Spanish, the Berlitz for Kids Adventures With Nicholas is good. I would let his 8th grade year be an introductory/exploratory year to which ever language he picks.


If he goes with German or Spanish, check out Knowitall, Berlitz Kids, Passport...For Beginners, Teach Me Tapes and free resources around the internet. I know of fewer resources for the asian languages he's interested in. Check your library for whatever Spanish and German books they have. As he finishes up the "Kids stuff" in whichever language he chooses, I recommend IELANGUAGES.com. <--Great site, has several in depth Indo-European language materials for free.


When are you looking to start with your language study? I'll make a more organized post tonight with more links and PM you.

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thanks for the great info!! I will sit down tonight and check it all out :) I actually want him to start in the fall... He is currently learning some Korean from his dad who is in South Korea (stationed there for a year) so when we get there next month to visit he will be able to say a few phrases. I would prefer something dvd or audio he could watch or interact with because there is no way i can teach any of these to him lol.. he will be "on his own" i guess you could say in learning these.. so something self learning..

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