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Question about buying something from somebody

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How long would you wait before starting a paypal claim? Its been a month since I sent payment- in 5 days it will be a month from when I got the email saying the books were sent. I have been emailing and I am not getting any replies (says the last time she was on was 3/12) It does not give me the option to email her directly. I have never had a problem buying anything on here but we really don't have the money financially to lose $45 on a purchase we will not be getting. So wwyd?

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I'd file a claim now.

Actually, I would have done it last week since the seller is not responding to your emails.


eta: Also, don't forget to leave feedback on her page stating the facts~I'm getting ready to make purchases for next year and would appreciate a heads up on who is not reliable.

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This is from the paypal website. Make sure you don't exceed 45 days if you are going to dispute the transaction.



  • You have 45 days from the transaction date to open a dispute.
  • If you and the seller can’t resolve the problem, you can ask us to investigate by escalating your dispute to a claim.
  • If you don’t escalate a dispute to a claim within 20 days, we automatically close it. Once a dispute is closed, you can’t reopen it or escalate it to a claim.


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