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Hewitt's Syllabus for History of Us - is it worth it?

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There is one for using BJU's 11th grade text, one for an Amsco publication (I think) and a new one for Honors US history as well as the one for Beautiful Feet's Sr. High level US&World History program .


I've used several of Hewitt's Syllabi at the high school level. I have the original US history (BJU-based) syllabus, but it has been substantially updated and I recently ordered it and expect to have it in hand in three weeks (we live overseas--no reflection on Hewitt shipping times...).


The website does describe the syllabi fairly well, so it is well worth poking around in there....



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.. A History of US syllabus. I did find it helpful. Actually we use several of their syllabi = like Honors LL and Art History = for high school.


For me, the HoU syllabus provided a reading schedule - which we followed for the most part; tests for each volume (note answers included unlike some of their other syllabus) that were a nice intro to tests for my kids in middle grades; great project ideas that my kids loved to do; and steps for writing a research paper that was helpful hand holding for the 1st research paper.


So is it worth the money? Depends on what you are looking for - I found it to be worth it.



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and I found it worth it, especially for the price. Like Susie, we used the tests and the report/project ideas. I'm not generally a big testing person, but every now and then I think it's good for the boys to have some experience and these tests are not onerous. I had used Sonlight for the first 5 books of HUS, but since we weren't using it for anything else the next year, I found this much easier. I just required my the 8th grader to write a one paragraph summary of each chapter, and assigned a certain number of papers and projects from the Hewitt list for each quarter (his choice).



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Another question about this... does it contain any discussion questions or commentary on the text? (I'm talking about the History of US Syllabus.. I think that's the one y'all are talking about, right? The one that goes with the Hakim books?).


Thanks for asking this. I've seen it on the website but there is very little information about it online and there are no sample pages. Thanks for any responses!



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