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Best *indoor* games for a group of 9 yo boys?

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We're planning a birthday party for ds on Wednesday, and weather.com says there's a 60% chance of strong storms. :mellow: (Sigh.) I had planned on having most of the party outside so they'd have the whole backyard for running. Any ideas for a group of about 12 nine year old boys? :bigear:

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UGH - I'll say a prayer the storms miss you!


That many 9 yo's? I'd most likely have them work on something they can do loudly and make a bit of mess at the same time. What about making slime or goo? (You can google recipes, or email me I'm sure I have some) You could do a scavenger hunt around the house where they just have to say "where" they saw something, not bring it back. You could make some play-doh ahead of time and have them play a clay version of Scattegories. They have to sculpt the word in question - keeps their hands and minds busy. Make it a pizza party - use flat breads and let each kid make his own pizza. Follow up with a build your own sundae kind of thing?


Good luck!

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I don't have any ideas, but if you are having an indoor party for a group of 9 year old boys then you are my hero. I have this image of you trying to be host to a herd of stampeding buffalo. :lol: Of course that is my own bias as I have two boys who are of the especially energetic mold.

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We hosted a 5th bday party for our triplets--45 kids showed up and it got rained out! LOL Impromptu house party.


Some of the activities we did:

pin the mask on the spiderman

musical chairs (older kids liked this a lot)

hoola hoop contest

simon says

face decorations


Other easy option is to rent a gym and let the boys run crazy. We did that for 10y/o and it was a smelly, sweaty, happy mess! (My kids have a party every 3rd year.)

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Sometimes the tried-and-true party games of yesterday work ... pin the tail on the donkey, etc. Some kids have never played them.


Here is one we did that is hilarious. Bobbing for mini-powdered donuts. Hang donut on string at about chin level, have kid try to get in their mouth without using hands. Of course, they get powdered sugar all over their face, get a little snack and the others get a hoot.

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Thanks everyone!! We ended up setting up an Amazing Race type game (hence the buffalo) with clues hidden around the house and activities. It was a GI Joe theme, so the game was their "mission." We divided them into 2 teams by having them draw a tattoo out of a brown paper bag -- "stripes" or "tanks." Some of the activities were: make paper airplanes that will fly across the living room, exercises (two separate times), throw rings over sitting GI Joes (:lol:), "I Spy" activities in the living room, guess how many little army men are in the jar, and (their favorite) shooting at the sliding-glass-door nerf gun (Vis-A-Vis marker) target!


At the end, I lined them up at attention with the National Anthem playing in the background, gave each of them their "medals," saluted, and had them salute me back :patriot:. Everyone received one that said "hero" and the winning team also received a "winner" medal. (I was worried that I wouldn't keep a straight face, but I did. :D)


We served cupcakes with a little army man on top of green sprinkles with an American flag toothpick.


It rained during the party, but they were able to chase each other and climb the tree in the front yard before and afterwards.


This party was definitely a stretch for me, but I think it went well! I'm grateful for the two moms and their 11 year old dds who stayed to help. Thanks again for giving me your ideas!

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