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Pre-School math

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My baby will be 4 in August and wants to do "school" along with her sister. I was thinking of getting Miquon or Mathematics Made Meaningful, so she could play around with some cuisinaire rods. Once I get my oldest settled for the next school year (planned and bought, so I can breathe), I was thinking of getting RS A. I want to know if the rods are compatible with the abacus, and if they're not, is there an intro to an abacus type book for pre-schoolers? I can't say I'm completely set on RS A, but I just have a hunch that my youngest would just love it.


I still have to look at MEP Reception as well.

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I introduced both the rods and the abacus to ds. I planned for him to do Miquon, but the abacus was much more intuitive for him. I can't foresee a problem with introducing both, but don't be surprised if your dd decides that one of them makes much more sense to her than the other.

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I really like the Rod and Staff preschool books, like Counting with Numbers and Doing It Carefully. There are math and counting skills, tracing, coloring, cut and pasting. Very simple and sweet and not too expensive. My 4/5 yo DD did these this year for "school" while big sister was doing her work.

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