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Ant Farms....I loved this as a kid, but so many brands now...which one???

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I just received my ants for our ant farm today. We were given as a gift one of the gel ant farms. From what I read they last 2-4 weeks. I have seen the same type at Target for 20 dollars or so. It has only been 1 day but the kids are fascinated. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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actually, we still had a couple live ants in there, but I finally threw it out!


We bought the 25 carpenter ants, the coupon comes with the gel ant farm (I think it's called Ant Works). They are HUGE ants, with very big mandibles, so you can really see them digging. DH and I actually sat up at night watching them tunnel. They would often work in teams, and it was very interesting.


The gel ant farm is self-maintained, so you don't have to do any sort of maintenance. They eat the gel.


The entire gel was riddled with tunnels by the end, they really dig!

Michelle T

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