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Does anyone have recommendations on incorporating technology into our school day? I haven't given my kids much computer time in the past due to fear of inappropriate sites they could stumble on. We are going to install a protection type software to alleviate that fear.


Our local private school is actually encouraging kids to have kindles, ipads and laptops for education. They say that colleges are ALL this way now and they want to prepare their students for this type of technology education.


My kids are still young (1st and 3rd) but I want to start thinking about this stuff and see what others are doing.

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I don't intend to worry about that until long past first and third grade. Nobody needs to start using electronic gadgets in kindergarten to ensure they are up to date in college. I can't even think how many new gadgets have been invented and are commonly owned since I was in college, and that was only 5 years ago! I'm more concerned about my kids learning to use the washing machine as soon as is practical :D


I shan't be going out of my way to get them using computers until it's time for them to learn to touch type, and that won't be until they have enough to say to be worth the trouble.


Thinking back, my brother didn't show any interest in the computer until he was reading comfortably. I, on the other hand, was playing computer games on our old apple before I was three. I don't think it was particularly valuable, but it kept me occupied while Mum was cooking dinner ;)



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I'm sure my kids will figure out any technology they need for college well before I introduce it. :)


My kids DO have their own computer, and they're allowed to go to only certain sites. Mostly they play games already installed on the computer. The computer is in the living room where it's easy to see what they're doing.


Btw, I learned most of my computer stuff while IN college, and the girls came to me for computer help. I also ended up working as a software developer. I never took a single computer course before college. I wasn't interested in it even in high school. We had a computer, and I knew how to use the word processor and play games early on, but most technology I learned when I needed it. Of course, how many of us remember programming the VCR for our moms? :)


I don't see any reason to make sure my kids know how to use a kindle in first grade. By time they're in college, the technology will probably have changed anyway, and the kindle will be replaced by something completely different.

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In our area the middle school students are required to be able to use a computer. By 6th grade they should be able to type and put together a composition, spreadsheet, and presentation using the computer. If something were to happen and my little man needed to be in a traditional classroom, I wouldn't want his lack of technological skills to be something that created a stumbling block.


I have one in college and a friend who is back in college getting her masters. In both situations the students are simply assigned work. Whether they are to present the information in a spreadsheet or use presentation software or keep a blog on current events, they are given no instruction on how to do these things. They are expected to already know how to do them. My friend who is back in school getting her masters definitely feels like she has a technological disadvantage. Oh, and in math classes the students are expected to know how to use a graphing calculator. These calculators are required and no instruction is given.


My 8yo can type pretty well using two hands and he is familiar with word processing software. On Webkinz there is a game where letters fall to the ground and the child must type the correct letter before it hits the ground. As the game progresses, longer words begin to fall. When something hits the ground, it makes a mess. Show your kiddos where to place their fingers and let them go at it. You will be amazed at how fast little kids pick up on this.


Dictate to them and have them type on the computer. Just like written dictation this will take a little while at first. Do not make corrections while typing. Instead show them how easy it is to make corrections once they are finished.


I have never found a typing program useful in teaching my children to type.



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