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I'm looking for a Bible Study


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that is KJV! ALL of the cute ones I've found (Kay Arthur, Evelyln Wheeler, CAP) are not. Grrr. Does anybody have a fun, cute Bible Study that is KJV?! Is Bible Study Guide for All Ages? My dd10 would love the Kay Arthur books, but I tried to modify one for my older dd at one time and it was just a headache.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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I'm gradually collecting as many Bible Study Guide For All Ages resources, as I can find used ones at an affordable price. It appears to me the series was originally written for both the KJV and the NIV. All the older stuff can at least be used with the KJV, but I find them lacking in HELPING to use the KJV. I do not like the newer student sheets, which are NIV at all! :-( I just splurged on a full set of the older activity sheets before they are all gone.


Rod and Staff and CLE both assist the student in using the KJV in their resources. Check out their Sunday School resources as well as their homeschooling resources.


I just ordered a Defined KJV to use to make up quick vocabulary lists. I don't like it for a main Bible, but I am looking forward to using it as a resource.


I want Balancing the Sword comprehension questions, now that I see that Bible Study Guide For All Ages does NOT cover ALL of the Bible :-( Sigh!!!!!

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