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Vocab. from Classical Roots....help me schedule this

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I bought this for my dd to do next year.......she hates vocabulary. How do I schedule this? How often? If she just does the exercises she will never remember anything. She will just do it to get it done and not to learn it. How can I make this interesting for her?


Any ideas appreciated!

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This year our weekly schedule was like this -


day one cover everything up to those first four questions (I don't have the book in front of me, so I'm going from memory here)


day two cover definitions, parts of speech, etc... everything listed in the entry for each vocabulary word & discuss


day three finish the questions for the lesson


day four the worksheet that goes with the lesson


Hope that helps! :)

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The way the book is laid out for a test every two lessons, we took it pretty fast because my son is a whiz with words:

Day 1 - Read over lesson and study roots. Guided practice outloud with Mom and do Key Master worksheet.

Day 2 - Practice exercises in the book.

Day 3 - Read over next lesson and do guided prac. and key master.

Day 4 - Do practice exercises in the book.

Day 5 - do Review

Day 6 - Test over two lessons


We worked on this only two days per week, so it takes about 2 1/2 weeks to get through this cycle. I was pretty hands off, unless it was the day he began a lesson and they we just talked about it together. If you child makes flascards for each lesson, they they could be gone over during the week as needed.


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