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One more CC program question about Challenge -Cycle Three...

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My SIL said that church history is going to be covered in cycle three in the Challenge program. We are LDS, and she said she heard that the church history covered in CC goes over various churches including LDS.


I don't mind at all if they are doing a historical time-line type lesson...however I don't think my DH (or myself!) would go for it if they were going to be teaching any anti-LDS literature.


Can anyone else me what they remembered from Challenge program and how much in depth church history in regards to other religions was discussed?





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As far as I know there is no set church history being taught in Challenge. The history for cycle 3 Foundations is US. The time-line card used are Veritas Press. They are accurate as far as I can tell, though skewed reformed. That doesn't mean inaccurate, just the events chosen represent what I would call a reformed perspective on history.


In the Foundations/Essentials programs, all questions pertaining to faith by the children are always referred back to the parents. That said, the program is Protestant.


In Challenge A, which I direct for my campus, history is not taught. I bring it into my discussions as we learn the world, but not formally. As for any doctrinal discussions, they are allowed b/c the children are getting older. However, it is always with the emphasis of this is what I [the tutor] believe, you should talk to your parents about it.


CC very much is trying to keep the parents in charge of their children's education both academically and Biblically.



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Thank you. That really helps.


We want our children to learn about history, including church history. There is nothing there that is against our beliefs. History is history, lol. However, the issue would just come about if the program was trying to teach non-truths about our faith and our beliefs.

I like that the parents are ultimately in charge of that. I don't mind if my son has doctrinal discussions at all. He is very well-informed of our beliefs (more so then I am at times I think! LOL) - and we've only being going to this church for 3 yrs now.

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