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Beachbody Folks-how are you this week?

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I started my Lean phase (the last one of 3 months) in Chalean Extreme last Sat and WOW-the other phases were child's play compared to this one! She has you doing upper and lower body strength stuff at the same time, which works them both AND engages the core. LOVE it! I am upping my running to 2x/wk next wk.


Dh said I can get P90X next-whoohoo! (Won't start it til fall though-I can run and other stuff outside all summer-then I'll start X when I can't be outside anymore. That way I won't get sick of it too fast.)


I think of all of you other WTM Beachbody folks sometimes while I gear up for the day-I pray you're all doing well.

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Wahoo!!!! Way to go! Don't you love those total body workouts???


I'm almost on my last week of Insanity!!! I've got to figure out what to do next. I was thinking of adding some Brazilian Butt LIft. I need to start running again too. It's just been too icy lately. But, the temp is finally starting to go up. I just can't figure out how to get it all in. I don't really want to shower twice in one day, but I also don't want to be working out for two hours straight in the morning. I think I'm going to have to suck up two showers.


We'll see!!! It's a fun dilemma to have though!!

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Awesome job!! Keep up the good work!


I am in the same boat with finding time now for the double workouts a few days/wk-today I am doing both my CE and my run on the dc's lunch break-I will go over a little but I'll have them watch some Newton's Apple sci stuff.


I'm going on the lunch break rather than the morn because it's supposed to be all the way up to 58 degrees here today and I want to go when it's warmer rather than freezing my patooty off in the a.m.


It has been great to have something else to think about rather than homeschooling being my only thing-the hs'ing is actually going better because I'm not so laser focused on it to the point of too much intensity.


Not to mention those endorphins-yay!

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