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Is MM Light Blue Series spiral or mastery?


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From http://www.mathmammoth.com/faq-lightblue.php#21:


Math Mammoth is basically a mastery-based curriculum. Some topics are studied till mastery within one and the same chapter. Example of such include regrouping in subtraction for 2-digit numbers (2nd), multiplication tables (3rd), or long division (4th).


However, often the topic is present in two (or even three) neighboring grades. Examples include: equivalent fractions (both 4th and 5th grade), percent (5th and 6th), area of triangle (5th and 6th). Some topics are "developed" to mastery over several grades, going from simple to more complex; for example reading the clock (grades 1-3), counting coins (grades 1-3), adding like fractions (grades 3-5), decimal arithmetic (grades 4-5).


So, you could call Math Mammoth a mastery-oriented program with some spiraling over the grades. It does NOT employ a "tight" or "short" spiral where the same topic would be present, say, every 10 lessons, or dozens of times within the same school year.


Note that the Light Blue series also contains a few pages of cumulative review per chapter, contained in separate PDF files.


The word problems do tend to involve topics previously mastered, so there is a bit of spiral within the word problems.

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