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Does anyone like Calvert Math, as...

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We loved it, and my son didn't have any trouble with it at all. Well, at least I thought he didn't. Now I'm wondering if he got the foundation he needed, since he's struggling with Algebra so badly. It's looking like it will take us two years to get through Saxon *if* we're lucky.

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Absolutley NOT ! I've used grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 ( we had to because we are with a cyberschool ) and my girls are ready to burn the books . The teacher manual is USELESS , too many mistakes . It works way too fast through concepts and introduces way too many concepts before getting to the point .

My oldest who is very good with math totally loathes this math program . My 2nd daughter who just struggles with math period cries now and says she's stupid .

I've used a few other homeschool math programs and Anything , I mean anything is better then this math program .

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I totally agree with the other posters. Keep looking. I don't know why TWTM suggests it as a source but not Rod and Staff which is WAY better. Then again, I couldn't understand why Developmental Math was in there, too.

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who needed a mastery approach to math, Calvert Math was a good fit, despite some errors in the answer key. She absolutely floundered with Saxon which, at least at that time, used a very spiral approach. I have another dd who would probably do well with either approach, as math comes easily to her. (Horizons Math is a good fit for her.)


I am actually considering Calvert Math again for my ds; Rod & Staff is good for him, as he needs lots of repetition, but I am finding R & S to be lacking in a few areas like graph reading and more abstract thinking skills. Maybe we have just not gotten there yet!


If a child is doing well with a math program, I would stick with it. Follow your own gut, look over the choices, and do what's best for your kiddo whether it's a popular choice or not!





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