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History advice? - where do we go from here...

Guest erinanddave

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Guest erinanddave

I am hoping you can offer advice on where we should go on our history study. Next year I’ll have a 3rd & 4th grader –and we do history together. Here’s what we have studied so far:



Year 1: the ancients –high level

Year 2: A child’s history of the world – from ancients to present – very high level

Year 3: Ancient Greece



So what suggestions do you have for this next year? Should we study Greece to present at a very high level – so we can being the cycle again the following year – beginning with the ancients when my oldest is in 5th grade? Or should we study medieval/early renaissance next year - and move on to the Late renaissance/early modern in our 5th grade year and do it in more detail?




Grateful for your suggestions...


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Are you in US? If so, I would suggest US history.


OR next year cover from where you left off in ancient history through the renaissance and reformation and then cover US history exploration through modern times the next year. This would give more of a flow.




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Yes, I'd do the Med/Ren year, then a year of Early Mods (you can emphasize Am if you want) and a year of Mod (again, you can emphasize Am if you want--but most of the history of the 20th cent is pretty global, anyway).


Then, when your oldest is in 7th, combine a year of light Ancients and heavier Med, because you've done a lot of Ancients already. In 8th, do a year of American from founding to about Recon. or as far as you get, comfortably. Then do a formal cycle in high school--4 years in the regular rotation. The 11th grade year, read some of the founding documents, and go thru a gov't book alongside your history studies. Continue thru the first semester of mods until you get all the Amendments in, and you can give a semester's credit for Am Gov't, along with Modern History.


That is, if you are in the US.

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