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Addicted to Frontierville - feed my addiction?

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OK, that is a little overstated, but I need five neighbors that are not

total strangers. ;) Something about needing a box to take to my cabin ... ?


Anyone need a neighbor? It is my only facebook game, but I play most days at least long enough to send things out. :D

PM if interested.


Now you can all laugh at how an IT professional is playing a silly click-it style game, LOL:lol::lol::lol:

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LOL You have no idea how much I play Treasure Madness all day. And I'm starting Ravenwood Faire. It's what I do while the kids are supposed to be independently working, and I'm supposed to be supervising their independent work. Yeah, I feel ya. ::D I'll send you a PM with my FB info. I don't play Frontierville, and I might have to unblock it, but if you send me an invite in like an hour, I'll accept you. Then probably block it again. I have my hands full with the two I play. ;)

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