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Fun idea for 8 year old birthday/slumber party?

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I'm trying to keep the costs down. My boys are turning eight. They LOVE Star Wars so I'm thinking:




watch Empire Strikes Back

wear costumes

spend the night (poor me. . .)


That's all I can think of.


Any other ideas?


Any Star Wars cake ideas?


Thank you, thank you!



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Not sure if you can find cheap flashlights but going with the space theme you could have them make star boxes. You take shoe boxes, cut out most of the middle of the lids, just leaving a lip all the way around. Glue black construction paper to that lip (cut to fit obviously) then let them use a nail to poke holes in designs of their choosing into the construction paper- they might want to do constellations or simple spaceships.


Then you cut a hole on one end/side of the shoebox itself just big enough to stick the flashlight into.


Then when they go into a dark room and shine the flashlight into the hole, the light will shine thru their design. It's pretty neat.

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This might be more of a challenge to pull off this time of year but it was the BIGGEST hit at our Star Wars birthday 2 years ago.


Take a pool noodle and cut in half.

Duct tape one end so it looks like a light saber.

My husband had fun with a sharpie drawing on buttons.

Make 1 for each boy and let them have a light saber battle.


With pool noodles they can beat the crud out of each other and nobody gets hurt. Seriously - I have had more moms still thank me for those things 2 years after the birthday party that I will have to do it again this year now that we have moved to a new state and have a new group of Jedi Knights. This would be worth any effort to track down pool noodles this time of year.


And this may sound odd, but my son and his friends love decorating their own cupcakes. Make up the frosting in Jedi colors and challenge them to make a Chewbacca, a Yoda or whatever - make it a contest - the winner gets an extra cupcake or something. It saves you worrying about a cake and the kids have a ball - but check with your son first, of course.


Have fun!

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My 10 year old ds wants to come to your party :)


I asked him for ideas and he came up with a really good one (I think)!


A design-your-own-lightsaber contest! Provide the boys with old wrapping paper rolls or paper towel rolls, some markers, glue, whatever craft supplies you have laying around . . . let the boys vote for "best" in several (translated: as many boys as there are) categories (ex. coolest-looking, most colorful, funniest, etc.) A great prize for the winners might be those snap and crack lightsticks that are easy to find around Halloween.


Don't forget the popcorn! And May the Force be with you!

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